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"A spoilt little rich girl with a high opinion of herself and a taste in powerful men. She’ll break you." - Evelyn Fleming.


Karen Gillan - Guardians of the Galaxy UK Premiere - July 24, 2014

There’s no heartbreak quite like when you’re seventeen and you’ve realized someone could love you and then not love you. Just like that. No more love for you.

Wonder if it will ever hurt this bad again. Realize that it does but in more subtle ways. Heartbreak becomes a more controlled insanity in your twenties, a manageable illness.

Sometimes you almost miss the way it felt to get your heart broken for the first time by a boy. But not really. Not really at all.


Ryan O’Connell, How To Get Your Heart Broken By A Boy For The First Time (via larmoyante)


(via meghry-khajadorian)

(via meghry-khajadorian)

"I need to get to know London again. Breathe it in, every quiver of its beating heart.”


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